About Us

Eyelevel´s main influences come from Nature, Life, Art and all the beauty you see around you. Your whole experience should not only please the eye and fit well, clothes and fabrics should feel good too! Eyelevel Clothing is a fresh, small lifestyle clothing company. Eyelevel (EL) Clothing is designed and constructed for durability, comfort and to look good!

Our Vision

Our vision is to design clothes that reflect your environment and influence it with taste and vision. We want to create enduring designs that last for more than a moment. Eyelevel Clothing takes it’s cues from love, passion and all the inspiring things around us.

Everything started from the idea of doing something different, something with lasting style. Something you don’t need to throw away in a day. Something you don’t see every other person wearing, something less commercial. Something with heart and soul.

We don’t just follow deadlines, budgets and marketing projections. We take our time, let our designs ferment and become exactly what we want them to be. Clothing you can be excited about buying, a honest alternative to mainstream products. Clothing that lets you be you and not another carbon copy cookie cutout.

Our Eco-policy – all decisions on manufacturing, logistics issues and printings, nature has been taken into consideration to minimize our impact on the environment and to provide you with a ‘Green’ product.

Thank you for your time and intrest!